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Boarding Kennel and Resort

Land Of Oz Boarding Kennel and Resort 
John & Amy Mannebach

5959 North 183rd West
Colwich, Kansas 67030


Boarding Your Pets. Not Boring Them

    no place
like it.

Funny thing, isn't it? Some pets view people as masters, yet these humans can't even master the "what-to-do-with-the-dog-while-we're-out-of-town"thing. So they throw Sparky  in some under-sized cell somewhere, and leave them to foul smelling canned food, used chew toys, and two minutes of daily exercise.Owners leave town with full bags, empty conscience.

Others, however, demand something much more comfortable and enjoyable. Something like a vacation should be.  A place where Peppy's played with, Bear bathed, Max feels like a million, and where Fifi gets her num-mums before going nite-nite.

A place like Land Of Oz Kennels.